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Another page of interesting tree links from Woodland Ways

The Natterer's Bat

Our Natterer's Wood site is so called because it is close to a colony of this protected creature.

These sites offer interesting insights into its habitat
and show what the bat looks like.


BBC Science and Nature page
Good basic round up of bat facts.


Natterer's Bat page
Superb photographs of such a shy, nocturnal animal.
Another page with a good photograph.



More about woodland 


British Trees from the Woodland Trust 
A great photographic resource, with identification guide.


Forestry Commission - Tree Name Trail
First identify your leaf. Great fun.



Video pages for forestry from


Woodland Flowers
A great resource from Beautiful Britain - how to identify the flowers you see walking on Woodland Ways.



Tree Photographs


These photographs are copyright. 

These links are for information only.

They are beautiful images, but they belong to the photographer. 

 See licence details on each site.


Ten greatest world trees

Some fantastic tree images from the neatorama blog pages...


Tony Howell Trees
A superb collectionof images from around the country.
Art and nature at its best we think.


Elsewhere in the world


Trees in Africa ( Picture site)
Trees, but not as we see them in Suffolk.

A short three minute film, shot using time lapse photography, from the top of Spain's highest mountain.


A lovely film on the wonders of nature, with sublime piano music by Ludovico Einaudi.