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Woodland Ways mission:


Education for sustainable development through local action and global awareness.


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This month's Tree Quotation

 "What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another".



Chris Maser, 

Forest Primeval; the Natural HIstory of an Ancient Forest



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Useful web links

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So many trees!

A whole page of tree related web links...

A new, beautiful short time-lapse film, shot in the French

countryside by Tanguy Louvigny.

Using three cameras, with three layered images

for every second of the sequence.

Tree page from UK Safari

- includes a good tree

identification bit



The identity of trees and shrubs

in the UK

Does what it says on the tin

Amazing tree facts from the website of the The Weekend Gardener...

Featured link:

Quotations about trees




The definition of a tree

from the pages

of Wikipedia








Crowded House: how we came to be 7 billlion people?


This short film, on the Open Culture web pages explains in the form of a full glass, as a simple metaphor, how our population has grown in the last 1,000 years.


It stresses the continual importance of environmental management.


Read more here...

Find out about trees


The Tree Council
How to do it - community action, tree wardens

and grants


What tree is it?
 Identify your tree by leaf, by fruit and by name.


BBC Gardening page
Plant finder, disease indentifier and gardening blog


Worldland Trust page
A page on practical support from a group dedicated to saving rainforest trees. Section on planting too.
A US site, but one that offers advice about planting a variety of tree and shrub sizes.  Informative about burlap!